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Managing and Inspiring

As your Town Council representative, I will use my small business management experience to make sound and practical decisions. Good management makes use of good information from qualified sources. I will collaborate, analyze data, and communicate, always with civility and respect. I believe in the rule of law, transparency, and approaching matters with a solutions based focus.

As your Town Council representative, here are some
of the issues that I will be focusing on:

  • Small Business Development – Creating and fostering incentives for businesses to set up or expand in Southampton Town, thus creating local jobs and expanding tax revenue which will help ease the tax burden on homeowners.

  • Environmental and Water Protection – Promote modern nitrogen reducing waste water systems for homes, businesses and developments. Utilize best practices on the town level in effort to reduce pollution and waste. Support water quality initiatives like the SPAT on shellfish program, strategic planting of eelgrass, targeted coastal and open space CPF purchases. Promote and incentivize wind and solar energy initiatives where applicable. 

  • Health and Safety – Work closely with the Opioid Addiction and Recovery Committee and continue the effort to combat opioid use. Support our police and code enforcement officers by making sure that they have access to continued training and modern equipment. Promote the Southampton Online Solutions (SOS) directory, where people can easily submit a request to the appropriate town department. Make sure that each department is adequately staffed and responsive. 

  • Transportation and Traffic – Promote the South Fork Commuter Connection (SFCC) and examine the viability of adding Park and Ride locations. Study traffic flows and research the possibility of adding strategically timed lights. Research the benefits and viability of additional bus routes. 

  • Attainable Housing Options – Focus on a broad ranging approach that promotes rental and ownership models. Work with NY State on flexible funding models in effort to avoid profound density increases on targeted lots. Support the Southampton Town Accessory Apartment Law offering moderate to middle income rentals. Look for creative and alternative uses for existing structures that may be rehabilitated and converted for rental use. Utilize village business locations by adding apartments over stores and shops, thus creating a built-in customer base for our Main Street stores.

  • Community Relations – Engage with Civic Associations and Citizen Advisory Councils throughout all of Southampton Town. Promote an open door policy to constituents. Foster and support outreach and inclusivity programs. Consult regularly with the Anti-Bias Task Force and the Affirmative Action Task Force. Promote events that showcase our local talent, food and beverage, and celebrate our diverse cultures. Visit schools and youth organizations with the goal of getting our young people excited and engaged in local programs, community issues and government. 

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